㉓ Thoughts for the week 23

The laundry area is now complete, and I’m really proud of the work we did. It now has code compliant plumbing and electrics, drywall where you would expect drywall to be, patched holes, a fresh lick of paint, a usable countertop and shelf (which is just upturned countertop on brackets and cut to size), and it generally looks like it belongs. Plus I got to buy a load of tools and that’s never a bad thing.

Now – obviously – we want to do the rest of the kitchen.

We bought an air conditioning unit this week. We had a couple days of weirdly warm (for early June) weather and it reminded me how bad it was in this apartment at the height of summer last year. It was 31°C (88°F) in our bedroom at 2am on Wednesday night. And I got maybe 2 hours of broken sleep because of it. Home Depot had over 120 of the unit that we ordered across their various stores in Vancouver. They now have zero. It was a royal pain in the ass to get into the car, it certainly wasn’t cheap, and it assuredly isn’t pretty. But what it brings to the party is beautiful and is some of the best money I’ve spent in quite some time. It doesn’t have a name yet, tho; I’ll report back on that when one comes to us.

Naledi is an experimental block-based theme that is ready for full site editing by the folks from Anariel design. I’ll be digging into this over the coming weeks as we look to plan our next version of the common look and feel theme for UBC. Naledi is available on the WordPress theme directory.

The Overlay Fact Sheet is something you should read and understand (and potentially add your name to) if you build or manage any web properties. I’ll leave it at that.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 67.8% (+8.9%) and 68.2% (+9.4%) Canada-wide. Canada is now first in the world in terms of vaccine rollout.👩🏼‍⚕️