㉑ ㉒ Thoughts for the week(s) 21 and 22

I missed a week writing a post. I was on vacation.

My good friends at Happy Prime are looking for another excellent web developer to add to their wonderful company. I am biased, I know that, but I promise you this sort of opportunity does not come around very often. If you think you fit the bill, you will not find better people to work with.

The news has been a bit all over the place with regards to C19. Generally positive stuff coming out of BC; our daily case counts are declining, along with our active cases, numbers in hospital, as well as people’s relative anxiety levels. This also brought along a 4-phase re-opening plan which a lot of people seem fairly happy with.

I wish we had waited 3 more weeks to allow indoor dining and ‘organized events’. This thread on the B.1617.2 variant’s spread in the UK tells you why I wish that. In 3 more weeks we will be above 70% of the population vaccinated with one dose, and probably in the 20% range of second doses. In 3 more weeks it’s highly likely our baseline case count would have been reached. However, now, in 2 weeks, we will start to see a much slower decline, quite likely an uptick, and a higher baseline number.

We have done so, so well over the last month. And now I think we’re shooting ourselves in the foot again. This time, we’ll likely only take off a couple of toes. But I don’t know about you, I’m quite fond of my toes, I’d like to keep them all.

My parents got asked for their medicals for their immigration. This comes just a few days after they had their biometrics taken. It’s a really exciting step as the medicals are only valid for a twelve months and it’s highly likely that means the process will be wrapped up within that timeframe.

At their biometrics ‘interview’ – in London – my Dad gave his finger prints, but it took 4 attempts. Decades of concrete and other abrasives have made his fingers somewhat…flat. As for Mum… they couldn’t get any prints at all on either of her index fingers. Decades of…accounting…?… more likely decades of bleaching their house to within an inch of its life, has meant that now both of my folks could be master criminals and I’d never have known. Maybe their police checks will turn up something unexpected.

We have almost finished the laundry area of our home. Finally. The countertop is in place along with all the necessary structure to make that work, the 90 degree hoses fitted, many tools have been purchased, even more swear words have been uttered, and a few scratches and dents have been put into the very not straight walls that one of the previous owners had added for the laundry area. A shelf, some under-shelf lighting, and some patching and painting is all that remains (Along with more swear words I suspect). I’m quite proud of myself; a handyman, I most certainly am not. But I think I’ve done a pretty decent job, and I’m looking forward to finishing it up.

I had a truly wonderful birthday and I feel incredibly lucky. Forty.

Escape from Planet is a new album from Devours. A local-to-Vancouver “queer-synth-electro-pop” that sits atop the CiTR charts this week. It has some absolutely banging baselines. Aside: SongWhip is new to me and is a way to share a link to an album across different music streaming sites. Both of these things – the album and the tool – were shared by Joe Zerdin at UBC. Thanks Joe!

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 58.9% (+12.4% for two weeks) and 58.8% (+9.4% for two weeks) Canada-wide. Canada is now 4th in the world in terms of vaccine rollout. Israel, The UK, and Bahrain are ahead of us. I suspect that within 2 weeks, Canada will be 2nd and maybe 1st.👩🏼‍⚕️