㉔ Thoughts for the week 24

My parents had their immigration medical this week which is the final time they’ll have to physically go somewhere as part of moving to Canada. Hopefully the results come back in an acceptable way to the immigration officials; if so, their penultimate step is to get a police check – we’re hopeful that request comes through later this summer. Beyond that it’s a case of waiting until a final decision is made and for them to send off their passports to get their permit stapled into it. We’re nearly at the 2 year mark now from when we submitted.

I have been playing around with different ideas for how we can get an office space into our little apartment. I’ve tried dozens of different locations and orientations – playing around with closets, rearranging the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen. I’ve settled on completely changing absolutely everything about the apartment. (I haven’t, but it kinda feels like it). Here’s some renders I made on homestyler.com (which is a really excellent free tool).

Canada remains first in the world in terms of (1st-dose) vaccine rollout. In fact, we’ve extended our ‘lead’ over other nations. It’s not a race obviously, and it’s important to realize that there are lots of countries who don’t have access to a vaccine at the moment. I’m glad to see the G7 nations have committed to donating 1 billion doses to other countries. However, just like the cabin crew remind you during flight safety presentations, in an emergency, before you can help others, you need to first help yourself.

Novavax have announced that their Covid-19 vaccine has a 90% overall efficacy and it is 100% effective at keeping people out of hospital. This is interesting for a couple reasons: 1) this is a different type of vaccine compared to the viral vector and mRNA vaccines that are currently available and 2) this is the one that Canada will be producing domestically later this year.

LANdrop is an open source cross-platform airdrop-like tool.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 75.6% (+7.8%) and 77.6% (+9.4%) Canada-wide. We really need to ramp our our second doses now as all indications are the delta variant escapes, more often than not, one dose.👩🏼‍⚕️