⑳ Thoughts for the week 20

My body is starting to really feel doing practically zero exercise for the last 18 months (for the few months prior to the pandemic I had taken some time off as my back and knee were sore). I don’t want to go to the chiropractor until I’m fully vaccinated. Team sports aren’t allowed yet. Frustrating. However, I’m going to start going swimming but the reservation system for that allows you to only book 3 days in advance, in 45 minute windows. I also refuse to run in the streets or around a park; I am not a racoon. It’s way closer to torture than fun or enjoyable.

The Gutenberg 10.6.0 upgrade prevented me from publishing this post on Friday which was odd. JS issues abounded, some CSS was missing. A github issue already existed by the time I noticed, and it’s been fixed with 10.6.1. I honestly should just have deactivated the Gutenberg plugin but literally that has only just entered my head… it was a weird Friday, ok?

We got a date for our second shot! 21st July. So 4th August is when I’ll be fully vaccinated. This was according to the BC Health Gateway website. I’m not sure if the fact it’s exactly 3 months after our first shot is coincidental or by design, considering the initial guidance was that it would be 4 months between doses (or about 17 weeks).

The numbers I post at the bottom of these weekly articles differ from the numbers the province gives, mostly in that “my” numbers are quite a lot lower than what the province posts. That’s because the province posts their percentage of the eligible population whereas below is the total population. Using the eligible population isn’t disingenuous and it’s probably the most inclusive way of distributing the numbers, however, it’s not the number we need to use when it comes to talking about herd immunity.

Speaking of herd immunity, I highly recommend this excellent video from a bunch of local scholars that shows the likely scenarios over the coming few weeks as well as what we can really expect in terms of total numbers of people who can get vac’d.

Canada remains 7th in the world in terms of vaccine rollout. 2 of the 7 countries above Canada have small populations in a small amount of space. For a country the size of Canada, without the ability to produce the vaccine itself, to be net 5th in the world is truly quite remarkable.

And finally for covid stuff this week, BC has been absolutely smashing it out of the park this week in terms of numbers of folks vaccinated. Let’s freaking go!

TIL: You can delay posts being available on RSS Feeds in WordPress.

Atkinson Hyperlegible is a new typeface with greater legibility for vision impaired folks.

Persistent Dismissible is a PHP class for encapsulating the logic around creating notifications within the WordPress dashboard for your plugins. It’s from the always wonderful folks at Sandhills so you know it’s carefully developed and will be maintained.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 46.5% (+7.2% !!!) and 49.4% (+8.7%) Canada-wide. 👩🏼‍⚕️