⑱ Thoughts for the week 18

I have literally zero notes this week and considering it’s now the morning of the Monday after the Friday when I would normally publish this and I’ve been thinking about what to write all weekend, that says…something.

My parents got asked for their biometrics as part of their immigration process which was nice – means things are still moving on that front. It’s been 21 months since we submitted our application, so it’s possible that it will be all wrapped up by the end of the year or the start of 2022. Fingers crossed.

Cases overall are down here in BC, but still very high in Fraser Health. Alberta is having a very bad time at the moment – literally highest number of cases per capita in North America. Ontario is deep in the weeds too with nearly 1,000 people in critical care. We have more than 10million vaccine doses arriving in May; they can’t come soon enough. India is a fully-fledged humanitarian crisis right now. Modi needs to ask for help, but from what I can tell, he won’t. At least he hasn’t right now anyway, and it’s already too late. Pride –> Fall.

Font style matcher is a really neat tool to help with FoUT (Flash of Unstyled Text) for when dealing with web fonts. The overlap is a super clever way of allowing you to get the native font choice to be as close as you can to your web font.

Notea is a self-hosted note-taking app hosted on Amazon S3.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 34.7% (+4.7%) and 36.9% (+6.3%) Canada-wide. Canada is 8th in the world in terms of vaccine rollout per capita. Two of the countries ahead of Canada have much smaller, less distributed populations. 👩🏼‍⚕️