⑪ Thoughts for the week 11

It has been an absolutely glorious week in Vancouver. Almost perfect for me; sunny and crisp. These next 6 to 7 weeks in Vancouver are easily my favourite of the whole year. Increasing amounts of sun, longer days, not “rich is grumpy” hot, people seemingly much happier because we made it through the winter doldrums. And all of that with the local mountains still having a dusting of snow. It’s an annual reminder of just how wonderful this city is and why we live here. 🌄

This week saw some – very few – restrictions lifted in BC. We’re now allowed to spend time outside with a group of 10 people. This comes at the same time that case numbers continue to rise, mostly, seemingly, down to an increase in the variants of concern. I’ve trusted our provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, since the start of this thing so I shall continue to do that. I think, however, that I shall keep my circle smaller than 10 for a while yet. 🏞

A local CBC reporter who has become substantially more “popular” (definitely not the right word, but it’ll work) since the start of the pandemic, who is known for rating things and creating brackets, but is also a real gem for our province much because of his work on daily COVID numbers, made a “BC’s best beer” bracket. An expert I am most certainly not, but I have some thoughts. BC has some truly great beer and really excellent breweries. Two of the four finalists in Justin’s bracket are not truly great beer. They are well-known, popular, recognizable beers. But genuinely good beer? Ehhhhh. 🍻

Carl Alexander found a performance issue with the Requests library in WordPress and provides a potential workaround for now.

Baserow is an open-source online database (it’s a bit like Airtable). I think this has some real potential for a whole variety of reasons.

Parvus is an open-source, accessible, zero dependency lightbox.

Thomas Vantuycom has written about how to embed Vimeo and YouTube videos whilst adhering to people’s privacy requests. Vimeo wins, hands down.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 7.40% (+1.59%) and 6.16% (+1.76%) Canada-wide. 👩🏼‍⚕️