9️⃣ Thoughts for the week 09

Daft Punk is no more. I didn’t know how to write that; “split” didn’t sound right because it normally has negative connotations and it doesn’t appear that is the case. “Retired” sounds weird and would be wrong if either of the duo produced music in the future. “Ended” kinda works? Anyway, which word to use aside, I was really disappointed to hear that we’ll be getting no more music from Daft Punk. It is quite easy to believe that my like of dance music is entirely down to my love of Daft Punk’s songs. They were instrumental in my positive relationship with music as a whole, in fact. 🤖 🤖

That reminds me of a crossover of my love for Daft Punk’s music with data analysis and compression algorithms? Be still my beating heart. 🎵

NASA released a video of Perseverance landing on Mars and it legitimately might be the coolest video I’ve ever seen. 🪂

I have been on “vacation” this week. Air quotes because in the before times if you took vacation from work but didn’t visit anywhere you’d call it a staycation. But staycation, by definition at the moment, is defunct. I’ve noticed over the past few years that come early March I get mentally and physically down. I don’t really know why this is; perhaps it’s SAD, Vancouver’s greyness over the winter, or something else. Whatever it is, I’ve spotted a pattern in my own behaviour and I promised myself and my colleagues that I’d do something about it. Honestly, it’s been a really enjoyable week. Even though my partner hasn’t been on vacation with me, and I haven’t been able to do a great deal of traditional vacation-y stuff, I feel a bit re-energized and positive. Success! 🌴

On my week off, I’ve managed to push out some updates to my Content Visibility plugin as well as introduce some new add-ons. I’m working on a way to better showcase these, but in short:

  • The date and time add-on allows you to show or hide your blocks at dates and times of your choosing,
  • The user roles add-on allows you to show or hide blocks based on a user’s role on your site,
  • The geolocation add-on allows you to show or hide blocks based on a user’s location, and
  • The specific users add-on allows you to show or hide blocks to one or more specific users on your site.

The last two aren’t on the main WordPress.org plugins repo just yet (pending approval), but I’m hopeful they’ll be up there soon. Also, these two were created in the space of about 4 hours. I’m really happy with the way I’ve built Content Visibility, it’s genuinely something I enjoy working on and creating add-ons for it has proven to be fairly straight forward so far. Also all 4 add-ons, and the core plugin itself don’t have any settings. I’m really proud of that. They “just work” out of the box, no setup required.

Upcoming add-ons will introduce the ability to limit a block’s visibility to those who have submitted a Gravity Form, or those who have purchased a particular product from your WooCommerce store.

I also updated the “branding” a bit. A designer, I am not.

Branding banner for the Content Visibility WordPress plugin. A chameleon icon with the words Content Visibility Your Content Your Rules.

The always-excellent Helen Hou-Sandí published a great post for WordPress developers about migrating traditional custom post meta to newer block editor-friendly custom fields. It’s a whole lot more than the title suggests tho; highly recommended.

Thanks to this tweet from JJJ I found out about MailTrackerBlocker — a plugin (mailbundle) for the default Mail app which stops things like tracking pixels from calling home, meaning you can have images turned on by default. Also highly recommended.

If you use Buddy then they published a post on their blog about how to use their Buddy platform with WordPress to get a static website out the other side. Neat, and pretty useful for those already in their ecosystem who publish static-ish sites.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 4.90% (+1.39%) and 3.33% (+0.68%) Canada-wide. 👩🏼‍⚕️