1️⃣ Thoughts for the week #01

I’ve completely stolen this idea from my friend Jeremy Felt. The intention for this series of posts will be to log what stuff I’ve found that I think is neat in the week prior to each posts’ publication. It’ll quite likely heavily lean towards tech, WordPress, and space-y type things. However, I’ll likely also throw in a few personal bits and bobs as a kind of pseudo diary.

I’m starting this on Friday Jan 1st 2021, so it’s technically both the start and end of the week. It’s also, hopefully, the start of a year where things progressively become less bleak than they have been after the year that shall not be named.

One focus at work for 2021 will be looking into recording, publicizing, and helping explain (and therefore hopefully help improve) accessibility and performance metrics across our platforms at UBC. Lighthouse Parade and this post from Barry Pollard explaining how to run lighthouse in github actions will likely come is useful. 📊

The shortcut for the mac emoji keyboard permanently evades my memory, so maybe writing it down will help. cmd-ctrl-space 🤔

I think the query block is going to be an incredibly important part of the future of content display in WordPress. This post from Justin Tadlock on the tavern does a good job explaining what the query block is all about. ❓

Personal plug which will probably get its own post on Monday or Tuesday this coming week: just before the holidays I published a suite of plugins I’ve called Content Visibility. It helps you show or hide bits of content to any (set of) users that you choose, at the time and date you need. The main plugin is on the WordPress plugins repo and the main plugin and the role-based and time-based add-ons are available on github. 👀

BC COVID-19 Vaccine count: ~0.5% 👩🏼‍⚕️