OK that’s a terrible title and I’m sorry. I spent literally 9 seconds thinking of it. And also this post isn’t really about Gutenberg so it’s all a lie. (It is my first post entirely written in Gutenberg though.)

I’m tired of Twitter. It’s a constant reminder that the world is on fire. My country of origin has finally outed itself as the racist, historically unaware and frustratingly ignorant place I left nearly 5 years ago. America is, well, y’know. Several places in Europe are swinging very far to the right. Mother nature is very displeased at us. I could go on. But that’s what twitter feels like.

So I’m going to do what several very smart folks have either suggested or started doing themselves. I’m going to go back to my roots. Back to blogging. Back to what drew me into the tech world in the first place.

It’ll serve several purposes. In no particular order, I’ll (hopefully)

  • Get more familiar with Gutenberg, the upcoming WordPress editor
  • Write more – something I’ve been encouraged to do for a while
  • Form more meaningful connections

What’s more, time invested writing here will keep me away from the hellscape that Twitter is fast becoming.

I’m not going to set myself any specific writing targets or goals as, frankly, knowing me (which I sorta do, a bit) that’ll just annoy me. But, I’m hopefully going to mix some long-form posts (2 of which are in draft and half-written) and perhaps some more “I should save this for the future as it’s useful” sort of thing.

I don’t think Twitter will exist in 10 years time. This site will.