🏑 What the hell has just happened?

The last week has been one of the weirdest, best, worst, stupidest, annoying…ist of my entire life. I’ll openly admit that I’m one for hyperbole, but in this case, I really mean it. It’s been a ridiculous week.

πŸ”­ Why is LIGO important?

The human eye is an incredible, almost impossible result of hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Even DarwinΒ (sort of) questioned how such an incredibly complex mechanism could exist and mused that the idea of their evolution was ‘absurd in the highest possible degree’.

πŸ€“ Gutenbergogo

OK that’s a terrible title and I’m sorry. I spent literally 9 seconds thinking of it. And also this post isn’t really about Gutenberg so it’s all a lie. (It is my first post entirely written in Gutenberg though.)